Price and expenses

As a multifunctional house, Unibet Arena offers possibilities for the conduct of very different events. In case of different events our rooms have different lease price.

To get as exact lease price as possible for the calculation we ask to address our project manager who proceeds in pricing from the following:

  • Type of event (incl either public or private; with or without ticket)
  • Duration (i.e. several days or hours)  
  • Is it a single event or series of events (e.g. annual event or the one taking place several times a year);
  • Estimated number of visitors/participants
  • What is the share of the hall used or which lounge is used
  • Duration of the booking period
  • Date of the event (in summer or from autumn till spring)

Hereby we point out that the lease price includes only the right of use of leasable room(s) at the required dates and the general public utility costs during the event. The lease price is not including the cost of services, technical equipment, small equipment required for the conduct of event or electricity etc used specially for the special solutions of the event.