Main hall

The main hall can be used both as a whole and in its smaller parts. Depending on the number of visitors/participants, the event organizer can determine the size of the floor area to be used and/or the levels to be opened, including the number of stands.

The size of the hall and the interior design can be changed using special curtains. It is also possible to arrange the seats differently. Movable tribunes and the technical attributes of the floor make it possible to install a stage of different sizes, an ice or sand rink, a basketball court, a dance floor, etc.

Right next to the main hall there are about twenty dressing, auxiliary and other multipurpose utility rooms and saunas of different sizes.

  • The maximum usable area of the floor area is 2800 m2
  • The height of the hall from the floor to the hanging beams is 16 m
  • The hall can accommodate a maximum of 10,000 visitors
  • The maximum possible number of seats is 7,200
  • In the event of a festive table dinner, the capacity of the hall is 1,000 people

NB! In addition to fairs, exhibitions, concerts and sports competitions, the main hall is also well suited for organizing smaller corporate events such as parties, product and team trainings, seminars, sports and strategy days, etc.