Moving in the arena

During events the entrance is possible from the front doors of the house according to the time of door opening indicated on the ticket.

As there is security and ticket control at the entrances, we ask to come as early as possible to avoid potential entrance-queues just before the beginning of the event. Follow also the signposts located above the entrances. In case of events with larger crowds more entrances are open than usual – find the most suitable one as to your seat or standing place marked on your ticket.

Depending on the peculiarity of the event and/or number of visitors some spaces or levels could be closed for the audience; the movement could be also limited outside the level where your seat or standing place fixed on your ticket is located due to the evacuation requirements.

Nota bene! The entrance to the event is usually one-time with single ticket, thus the movement outside and back to the hall during the event could be limited due to the rules set by the organizer of the event.

During off-event period Unibet Arena is closed.