Eating and drinking

NB! It is prohibited to enter Unibet Arena with your own food and/or drink.

Unibet Arena wants to contribute to ending the use of disposable cups in Estonia. Our catering partner Nordic Catering uses reusable plastic cups when serving drinks. The price of the pledge cup is 2.50 euros, of which the handling fee is 0.50 euros, so when the cup is returned, the customer gets 2 euros back.
Unibet Arena and Nordic Catering jointly contribute to reducing the amount of waste in Estonia. As a result of our joint work, by now approximately 75,000 disposable cups have not ended up in the landfill!

Fast food kiosks

During the events the foyer areas of the hall accommodate hamburger and snack kiosks which offer fast food and a selection of beer, cider and soft drinks from Saku Brewery and Coca-Cola. The warm drinks and strong alcohol within limited amount are also available.

Depending on the specific event extra cafes, bars and mobile stands could be open.


The more demanding visitors are hosted by the restaurants Nordic Cafe, Masottina and Tribaut located on level II. All persons interested can buy a special ticket to the tables with the direct view to the arena/stage in case of bigger events (mainly concerts) which includes the entrance to the chosen event and a place at the table with the selection of buffet-table offered in the restaurant. The tickets are available according to the event in the sales network of Piletilevi.

The location of the restaurant in the hall can be seen from the II level building plan HERE!

Nota bene! During the events within which no restaurant packages are on sale, the restaurant is open as a bar, reserved for private event or closed.

Catering and special orders

All persons who wish to enjoy the chosen special menu only with own friends before the event (and also after it), can have the possibility for private meals in the small lounges and rest rooms. Our catering possibilities are almost unlimited and the fulfilment of arriving special orders is only a great joy. Please notify us in good time of your wishes and we provide you the solution most suitable for you for unforgettable event visits at Unibet Arena.

Additional information and orders: / (+372) 6 600 300