We ask the visitors in a wheelchair to use the entry marked B1 for entering the building. The mentioned entry also includes the lift which can be used for moving to other levels of the building. If B1-entry is closed, we ask to address the info desk of the security centre of A1-entry or call there to number (+372) 6 600 290. The necessary information is forwarded from the security centre to the attending personnel to assist the visitor in a wheelchair in entering the house.

The special wheelchair places (total of 12 places) for the visitors in a wheelchair are located behind sectors 102-103 on I level of the hall.

The special wheelchair tickets are sold for the mentioned wheelchair places (with set seating places in case of the event) which enable the visitor in  a wheelchair to attend the event with the companion who does not need extra entrance ticket. The standing place is meant for the companion next to the visitor in a wheelchair.

The mentioned entrance, parking spaces and wheelchair spaces in the hall can be seen from the Unibet Arena arena plan HERE.

Nota bene! The basis of the right of purchase of wheelchair ticket is the document certifying the disability, the existence of which is checked at the entrance of the building at the arrival to the event.

Additional information and order of tickets: klubi@unibetarena.ee / (+372) 6 600 300