Cloakroom and luggage room

The cloakroom of Unibet Arena is open in case of large-scale events. Up to 4 cloakroom points (2 on both 0 and I levels) with the total capacity of up to 4000 overcoats are opened. Depending on the peculiarity of the event and/or number of visitors the cloakrooms could be partly or fully closed and/or moved. In case of maximum visiting rate of the house the cloakroom service could not be provided to all visitors, thus we recommend to come just by the time of opening of doors.

The fee of store of one overcoat is usually 2 euros. The price is not depending on the time of storage. The overcoat keeping service is provided by TM Produktsiooni OÜ who has the right to make changes in the amount of fee and in the procedure for provision of service.

Nota bene! No luggage storage is offered in the cloakroom. The closest place to Unibet Arena for storing the things is located next to the information desk of Prisma in Rocca al Mare shopping centre, open every day at 8-23.00